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Mother and Daughter Day Out

MARCH 10, 2010
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Juliana was my only child until she was six years old. For so long she was my one and only. Juliana is the best big sister, and she is so good with her brothers, but I know she also enjoys her time alone with me. So I was thrilled to receive a pair of reviewer’s tickets to see Pinkalicious, the Musical. (I received 2 tickets to see Pinkalicious compliments of the show to review the show). The tickets were for a Sunday afternoon, and I couldn’t wait to take my little girl.

When I told Juliana about the show, she was excited. I showed her the website, , and thought the music and the video clip would get her even more excited. Instead, my daughter got upset that I would want to take her to a “baby show” and that “only babies see that stupid show”. I was crushed (and ticked off with her, which I made quite clear). But after a few days, Juliana said she would love to have a Mommy’s Day Out with me. So a few Sundays ago, we saw Pinkalicious.

Juliana is STILL singing the tunes from the show! She LOVED it! And honestly, so did I. I must say, I had gotten a little worried myself that my daughter was going to be too old for the show, but after seeing it, I truly feel that she was the PERFECT age for the show, and the moral of the story is the lesson I try to teach my daughter all the time! Despite Pinkalicious Pinkerton’s parents warning her to stop eating so many pink cupcakes, Pinkalicious does not listen and she turns pink. The way to treat her condition “pinkititis” is to eat lots of green foods.

My daughter is almost 8 years old, but we still have these battles daily. Juliana may not eat countless pink cupcakes, but she often thinks she is old enough to disregard our rules and directives to make her own choices. And I enjoyed seeing part of myself in Pink’s mom. She’s sitting at the kitchen table, working on the laptop with one hand, mopping the floor with the other, disciplining Pink and her brother all at the same time. Juliana and I could relate to the show in many ways, and it was nice to see how this mother/daughter battle is not just a battle in our house! My daughter needs as many reminders as possible to understand that my husband and I DO know what we are talking about!

The show was entertaining for me as a grown up, for my eight year old daughter, and for the MANY smaller children in the audience. I think we can all relate as parents, and the kids can see similarities between the Pinkerton family and their own family. Great show, great story, kept both of us interested, and I would recommend it to all!


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